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The Chess Lectures - proving to be very popular with club members

Now in its third year, the very popular club lectures always produces a high turnout of club members.

Friday 9th December: Adrian Pickersgill - How to improve your Analysis skills from your mistakes

Friday 13th January: John Herbert - The Schliemann Defence against the Ruy Lopez

Friday 24th February: Rasa Norinkeviciute - The Power of the Passed Pawn

Friday 24th March: Paul Carpenter - The Grandmaster move: Pareto Vs Priyome

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CLUB NEWS - President’s Evening

A social event featuring a handicap tournament with refreshments provided by Eastbourne Chess Club President.

Twenty of us, about three quarters of current membership, enjoyed a range of hot and cold refreshment supplied and prepared by Doug Stevenson. There were sixteen contenders for the George Anslow Rapidplay Handicap Trophy. They played fifty one 20m games, with the biggest time handicap 5m v 15m. The highest percentage score would secure the trophy, provided that at least five games were played. Most people played more.

Rasa Norinkeviciute ( 6.5 / 7 ) was the winner, closely followed by Laurence Butt ( 7/8 ).In her first game Rasa had to repeat moves against Mick Reddie, but she won her remaining six games. Laurence won seven games, but ran out of time against Robert Hopkins. In third place was last year's winner, Matthew Pannett, ( 6/8 ).

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