The Club is doing well after a lengthy break. We returned to face to face play in September. During our time away from the Club , Adrian has managed our online Club, which has run a regular internal weekly competition. Also, we have played in the Mid Sussex League(MSL) online competitions.

Returning to face to face play, however, was never going to be easy during the pandemic but it has worked out well. We played a friendly match against Bexhill on 15 October. We lost but there were some closely fought enjoyable games and we are hoping for a return fixture in the New Year (see below for more details).

It is customary for the President to hold an annual pre Christmas competition, usually a handicap lasting 20 minutes, maximum. This year we are planning to hold this on Friday 17 December from 19.30. Let me know please if you intend to play.

The MSL held their AGM in September. It did not come to firm conclusions about the future of League competitions and clubs were asked to submit ideas for a follow up meeting on 7 December. I discussed this with you at our AGM in October and forwarded some of our ideas to the MSL contact. For the meeting on 7 December, one of those ideas is being considered – that is matches comprising of 4 in a team and not 5 to make it easier to travel to matches in one car. The online MSL competitions are teams of 4 so it makes sense to extend this to face to face play.

The MSL are expecting to run a League competition, face to face, from January. It will be a shortened season as they will wish to return to a normal League season in October 2022. Assuming this goes ahead would you please let the club secretary know before 7 December if you are available for matches from January 2022. We will enter teams based on the number of members who wish to play, competitively.

Due to the limited availability of over-the-board play between clubs, a friendly match took place between Bexhill and Eastbourne at the Eastbourne premises. The match was convincingly won by Bexhill 8 – 2 and a pleasant evening was had by all. For many, it was the first face-to-face chess for almost two years.

All are invited to return to the Club and new members are most welcome.

Due to Covid we expect you to follow these basic rules:

Do not come to the Club if you have Covid symptoms
Anyone with cold or flu symptoms is also asked to stay at home, please
On arrival please use the hand sanitizer
Wearing a mask is optional
Windows will be open as much as possible during play
No refreshments. If you need tap water please wash your glass up afterwards

Eastbourne Chess Club is running a number of on-line events

Please see the Contact Us if you would like to join us for these events.

The Mid Sussex Chess League (MSCL) is running online competitions on . The full details can be found on the LMS system (see Fixtures page).

The Club has an adult team (Eastbourne) in the Summer Online League Swiss which has 8 teams of four players. This plays on some Wednesdays between June and September and Colin Clark is captain.
There is also a junior division summer online league, in which Eastbourne juniors have 2 teams of 4. These both have Rasa as (non playing) captain.

The Club is running a 25|10 competition on 4 times a year. The requirement is to be a member of the Eastbourne Official chess club. The summer competition is about half way through, with 10 rounds.

The online Eastbourne team is currently halfway through a Swiss tournament –  

The club has also entered an “Eastbourne Juniors” team in the online mid Sussex juniors league –